Flow, flow like water, flow like air. All it’s about how you flow. Or maybe not much like the ‘how’ but more about if let yourself flow, take the opportunities as there are coming, or your egos are taking over and don’t see any.

I’ve always huge resistance, guilt and another issue to follow my true self. Follow what my heart wants and be able to listen to it, take out the ego and listen, take out all the noise around and listen to it.

We are so influent by past, future, past experiences, society, limiting beliefs, family, friends opinions, other mothers opinions that it’s so hard to filter all and just focus on what our heart, our real us, our genius want, what to do next, what to listen, what to focus on.

Having a vision or a vision board helps to keep focus.

Train your brain to back to the vision, to back to focus. The mind as another part of our body can be trained, you can change if you change your thoughts, the way you think, if you train your brain to it.

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