write is to feel

Full expression to write, to play with words and express myself as I write and let my thoughts out. Welcome to my writing playground 🙂


As a mother of three little ones from 7 years old to twins of 4 I'm writing about parenthood journey, an honest motherhood conversation: the good and the bad.


Reflections of my mind, my thoughts and soul: life is a journey and trying to live it the best way possible is my mission. Here I share my find about personal development, conscious journey and more deep words.


One of my passions is food and cooking: here I share some of my favourites recipes, tips and save time in the kitchen as a busy woman. Bon Appetit!

spinach pesto

Spinach pesto

On a Sunday that I didn’t know what to cook, and what to do with a bunch of fresh spinach in the fridge, I created

And breather - y respira © Laura Moreno

a stop

And breathe. Stop for a minute, take time for yourself. You are important too, you deserve it. You need to take care of yourself, do

Britain seaside, Brighton, UK

a flow…

Flow, flow like water, flow like air. All it’s about how you flow. Or maybe not much like the ‘how’ but more about if let


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